•. zσdiåc รigи : sAgGs
*•. bєåтiиg нєαят : 15 yяz
*•. di$тαиcє fям gяσυиd : 5 fєєт 9 iиcнєร
*•. єyє cσlσя : ßlå¢k
*•. нåiя : ßlå¢k и $нiиiиg
*•. Identification : @Always Very Happy
*•.Certified by :Frndz 4 sure!
*•. lσσkx : $мåят n kυтє 
*•. fσllσwz : нiиdнυi$м 

Before you go any further;
Know me by clicking this link


In My Life,
I have visited many people 
I have visitied many places
I am a good friend.

No one is relative to other;
I have good belif in friendship;
If your needs are fulfiled, be happy dont bother on other things, think on you.

we are in between birth and death.
so, good or bad help others.

All relatives come when we have money.
but friends are always with you

1.Get up;
2.Live the Life;
3.Learn It;
4.Belive in your inner voice ;
5.Live as ‘You’
6.No one is greater than you so be fearless.
7.Be Friendly and Trustworthy;
8.Belive in ‘You’
9.I am always correct;
10.If these are wrong refer to Rule No.4

1.If you find me intresting Add me as Friend.
2.If you think i am different Scrap Me

If you are here it should have just two reasons either you know me or want to know me. If you already know me and you are here then you like me. If you don’t know me yet and you are here then it again has two reasons, either you like me or angry about me. If you don’t know me, angry about me and still here then “SUCH A LOOSER U R”, but if you don’t know me, like me and you are here then it again can be of two categories you are a male or a female. If you are a male and still reading these lines then “MAAN WHY DON’T DO SOMETHIN USEFUSEFULL EVEN I WOULDN”T READ IT TWICE?” if you are a girl and still reading then you deserve my number.

SEE ITS ALL BINARY 0’s and 1s. 

Note:Legends Never Die; I am the Living Proof


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