The Losing strategy

The word losing is always been a one that word one had a ‘phobia’ or always had a oppression over it. There are several attitudes towards the ‘losing’, which decides in base , which ‘type’ of people we are , as the people popularly say as people with ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ attitude.

In world, people talk about two strategies ‘The winning’ and ‘the losing’, but people fail to understand that the latter is opposite of the other. Thomas Alva Edison has famously quoted on the above said theory as “We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb”. This shows how he made attempts to change his ‘losing strategy’ a ‘winning’ one.

Now, the other attitude of losing is the famous word ‘fate’. People when they win they contribute their winning or success to themselves. But, if they lose they vow it to ‘fate’. This has become the path of escapism to the youth and they do not even try if their peers or their relatives support their escapism.

There is a need to stress the youth, and their peers about learning to listening to the instinct or ‘inner voice or call’. If the voice inside you says go for the decision or get back, listen to it. It is the best adviser in the attitude of losing. You try to depend on yourself and become motivated and will try to work hard. I often call it as the ‘voice of god’, The importance of it will be better known when one tries it and makes a unbiased decision from it.

Thus, the first job of the youth is to start listening to their ‘voice of god’ and developing a good relationship with him, so that one starts to win and not lose and let things go from hand.



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