Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020, as you all know the brand new book of our own Bhagat . I am not here to review the book but to share the experience of reading the book.

If you ask me, i will tell you and bet with you that the book is the best one of Chetan. The last minute of this draft only i had completed the 296 page book i could not resist to tell the feeling of how i loved the book.

From the starting, the author has started to tell both the positive and negative sides of all the characters .. The quality of the writing and the beautiful expressions by the author makes us to follow the characters as if it is a movie.

The characters of Gopal, is one kind of characters you try to associate with sometimes and also think that you must not live like him. That is the portrayal of that the author tries to bring out.. That’s the awesome part of the story.. When he tries to portray himself as a bad person and try to convince Aarthi, by going to call girls you can see some dramatic things in the book but it tries to tell everything that it has started to tell

The character of Shuklaji is the yet another peculiar politician you find in today’s environment..

Raghav and Aarthi, thanks for understanding Gopal and also try to console him…


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