The Beatles

Beatles, the famous English band who saitd that they were great than the god Jesus are noted for their everlasting and evergreen melodies in English. Some of their songs including Hey Jude,It’s for you even today top the charts of various countries all over the world. But, due to some internal problems and several other factors the bathnd broke  up.

After coming to know about our Beatles, i listened to With A little help. The song which talks about their journey in the


Yellow Submarine with their friends the lyrics and the tune add to the plus point to the song. It reminds us of some tunes like Thanni Tharuthiruchi like type of tune and mood.

Hey Jude, one of the best songs of English songs ind(Sorry I donno what the name they give for english songs).  The humming ,lyrics,music etc etc add to the song.

Ilaiyaraja, has helped me to enjoy those songs as his tuns are also like Beatles as his songs are also evergreen and everlasting.

Thanks to Beatles and Ilaiyaraja for composing songs and helping to reduce stress in the time of reccession and economic drop


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