Old Madras

Old Madras, as the name suggests, the Chennai as it is called now was a fantastic place and not like the present Chennai.

Thanks to Metroplus and Hindu for writing regular interviews from the elderly and scmylaporeholary persons who lived in so called Old Madras.

To the present generation, Madras seems to be a old word used by their grand pas and mas instead of the name Chennai. Some of the important facts about the Madras is

1.Coovum, which as become a drinage now was used as a way of transport.

2. Madras as presidency included many of the south indian states including the Malabar region.

People were Classical than Contemprary. There were more Congress party people.

The forgotten history of the old madras now also can be seen in many places including Mylapore,Triplicane etc. These two areas are one of the classical and intresting.

Mylapore and Triplicane was a Bramhans occupied area. Even now you can see Mamastriplicane and Mamis singing Bhajanais during the Margazhi

Another intresting of these areas are people are still Classical. Some of their routine include

1.Degree Kaapi

2.Tea – Kadai Arattai

3. Maami’s Mess

These three are very well known to people in those areas and native Chennaitee like me.

Even though the lifestyle changes are changing there is no change in the life style of Mamas and Mamis


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