Me, Mani and Mastero

Me, Maniratnam and Mastero Ilaiyaraja have somethings in common.

Maniratnam & Mastero have worked many films.  Mani’s first film was with the Mastero.

Pallavi Anu Pallavi, was his first film in which Mastero was the Music Director and Balu Mahendra was handling Camera.

Mouna Ragam, the film which I seen for more than 50 times. I have imagined myself as Karthikmani and inherited some characterstics from him !. The background music is amazing which makes me mesmirized whenever I hear. Till I saw the film ,  I dint like any actress in the tamil actress in tamil. But, after seeing Revathy in the film i was totally mesmerized by her acting and her beauty!!!.

Thanks to the camera of P.C. Shriram, which motivated me to learn some tricks in cinematography and photography. Dialouges such as “Yellarayum book padikka solli irukken” by Karthik and some classical dialouges such as “Neenga thotta kambili poochi thodara mari irukku” are one of the

classical dialouges till the date in the Tamil Cinema. The Background Music is THE BEST of MASTERO ILAIYARAJA. The BGM which is made of Piano and Violin is simple and the best.


Karthik is one of the Back bone of the film. From his introduction to death, he stays in our heart even after 25 years of the film’s release. The when Karthik proposes to Revathy in the library is the the best proposal in the tamil cinema. The Karthik part is lesson for the lovers.

Comedy scences is good. Comedy scenes with  Karthik  is amazing and V.K. Ramasamy is amazing. No one can forget the meeting of the Singh and V.K.R .

Mohan, as one of the protoganist, as a manager is very well. His acting is one of the best in the tamil cinema. Mohan’s characterisaction is amazing as a good natured guy is very amazing. After seeing his character many may have become good husbands. Thanks to his characterisations.


Ilaiyaraja, the mastero has done as already stated, has done his the best in BGM and best in the songs. Nilavey Vaa , Panivizhum Iravu, Mandram Vantha,Chinna Chinna, Oh Megam Vanthatho No one can forget these songs and these are the one of the all time favorite films of Ilaiyaraja fans.

Me, I saw the film after more than 20 years of its release. After seeing this movie, I became fan of P.C. Sriram and Mani sir. I inherited some characterstics of him after seeing this movie.If you see the video i uploaded, you know how the movie is :-).

The film bagged National Award for best film for regional language. I wish that Revathy and Karthik got National awards but dint :(.  This film is all time favorites of the tamil cinema audience.

Thanks to Maniratnam for the film and characterisation of the characters.

Special thanks to Ilaiyaraja, Karthik and Revathy for their world class perfomances in their respective fields.


2 Responses to Me, Mani and Mastero

  1. shrinath says:

    the movie itself is gud but other wise the collection is gud ra

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