Drama directed by Karuna

Early night yesterday, the night before the government to be formed. Mr. Karuna said that he needs some of the major berths which includes Finanace, IT, Railways etc

There are various versions of what the DMK has demanded and what the Congress has agreed to give. Among them are that the party wanted cabinet berths for Karunanidhi’s son M K Azhagiri, daughter Kanimozhi and grand nephew Dayanadhi Maran besides T R Baalu and A Raja apart from ministers of state berths for some others. 

And this is too much for a party . The party must be judicious and more resonable.  The demand for the portfolios is also too much for the party which has won only around 18 seats.

Sources say that the DMK is gonna give support from outside. There is no problem for Congress to form the government as they have majority. But the Tamil Nadu government which is in alliance with the Congress may have some problems if the fight arises . But who knows????]


For  the lefties, the Karunanidhi’s drama is just because he dint get the berths which earns a lot and there is no place for his family members.


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