Sarvam Sothappal!

sarvamI thought after Billa with Ajith, Vishnu Vardhan will give a good entertaining thriller as it was told by him in the previous interview.
Okey i thought and went to the movie with the expecting he would have done good with Arya as he done with him before.

We donot know how Trisha and Arya get love. Trisha hates him but afterwards she says that she loves him. I dont know what he does to her. Next thing how she dies just because of Manja.  The film completley misses logic.  The second half is somewhat good as compared to the first part of the movie.  Arya and the Villian (J.D. Chakravarthy) have only made the film better to watch. Only small boy (Rohan Siva) and Villan have done their characters well. Next place goes to Indrajt (Boys’ Father) and Arya (Hero)

 Arya, after Naan Kadavul with Bala, has improved a lot in acting. In scenes, he has shown in versatality. The villian (J.D.C) has done a awsome job. He has a bright future. His acting is very nice as a psycho from first to last scence.

Yuvan has done a nice job. He has used Ilaiyaraja’s songs in the BGMs and has used Megam Karukkuthu in one song. Songs and BGMs are nice could have made it better.

Sarvam :  A known story. Some what like Poovizhi Vasaliley.

Story :  Nothing in that. How does the hero save the boy and like that.

Music : Good

Romance Part : The romantic part of the movie is some what nice but it is like as such of  Mouna Ragam.

Background Music : Good

Choreography : Average

Arya : Has done justice to his part

Trisha : Nice could have done it better.

Cinematography : Awsome

Editing : Good

Villian :  Awsome!

Comedy : Somewhat

Direction : Average

Box Office Fate : Average

Climax : They live happily here after

PLUS : Villian,Music,Small Boy,Arya

MINUS : Screen play,Story



2 Responses to Sarvam Sothappal!

  1. dharmesh says:

    nice review !!!!!!!!

  2. S c o r p says:

    Dude I read your comment at Kalugu and visited ur site. If you can give me ur mail id, I’ll be able to mail you my comments. cheers!

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