Yavarum Nalam Review – Ever-Best Horror Film in Kollywood

Yavarum Nalam

Yavarum Nalam :  A Perfect Thriller Unknown Story and New plot new to tamil film audience  

 Screen Play           :  Super!                                                                                                                                  

 Story                        : A new Ghosty- Thriller with  a very new script and subject                                      

 Music                       : Not good but, we are not able to remember songs after watching the film

 Background Music :  Good may have made it better.

 Choreography: Nothing

 Madavan : Madavan has done justice to his job. Splendid acting. There is no words for describing his acting.

 Neetu Chandra :  Fine. Must Improve a lot 

 Cinematography: Superb. Lighting is very good.

  Editing Super-sharp and good.

  Overall : A perfect thriller

  Climax : Mystery Continues!

   Box Office Fate : Hit and a Classic Thriller for Tamil Film Industry

   Direction : Splendid Job !

 PLUS : Madavan,Cinematography,Story and Screenplay,Direction

 MINUS : No major minuses (If you have please comment )                                                                                  

 Verdict: Ever-Best Horror Film in Kollywood                                                                                              

 My Nominations For the Film :  Best Acting Madhavan, Best Cinematography P.C. Sriram, Best Direction Vikram Kumar        


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