Nandalala Audio Review

Kaai Veesi (Vijay Jesudas, Suwedha, Madhubalakrishnan, Raagul, Chandrasekar)
A simple song sung by a talented bunch of young singers. The tune and rhythm of this song reminds us of Yuvan. Vijay and Madhu are really talented and even though this song does not give them the scope to really excel they have still given it their best. Look out for the nice change in pitch all through the song. The song is all about praising the wonders of nature.

Oru Vandu koottame (Illayaraja, Yatheeswaran )
This is another melodious song sung by the maestro himself. The song does not impress at the start with Yathesswaran but it soon gathers momentum. There is a very impressive violin interlude in the middle which is very typical of the genius. The song just gets better as it progresses.

Elilea Elilea (Saroja Ammal)
I could not really relate to the song . This could very well be a situational song.

Melle Oorndhu Oorndhu (Illayaraja)
If you are a fan of Illayaraja, this song will sweep you of your feet. I am not such a big fan of Illayaraja’s voice even though I adore his skill as a composer , this song seems to fit his voice to the bill. The song starts with a nice guitar piece with Illayaraja’s voice just flowing in.

Thalaattu ketka Nanum (Illayaraja)
A beautiful pathos song. Illayaraja has used the violin to express the anguish and sorrow of the character. This song is about a man singing about his mother and how much he misses her. The soul of the song is very similar to the song “Un Kuthama ” from Azahgi.Cover Of the album

Onnukkonnu (K.J. Jesudas)
The best song of the album. The awesome Yesudas is back and renders the song so perfectly .It took me to the Moondram Pirai days . The singer does not seem to have aged at all. It is awesome that the father and son were given an opportunity to sing in the same movie.This song should be a chart buster. It will be impossible not to like this song.


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