Tata Nano the 1 Lac Car





This year in Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi..every one was waiting for the outcome of the TATA promise..their One Lac Car ( $ 2500) ..world’s cheapest.
Amidst speculation by the rivals that TATA will come out with a scooter in a box..whose handle replaced by steering..TATA shut out every one’s mouth to launch a highly spacious variant with
following specifications

  1. 624cc petrol engine, 33 HP, 4-speed manual gear shift
  2. 20km per litre mileage, upto 26km per litre on highway; 30 liter fuel tank
  3. 4 door, 5-seater
  4. 8% smaller than the Maruti 800 in length, but offers 21% more interior space!
  5. Air conditioning, but no power steering
  6. Rear engine, front boot

With the estimate of a one road price of Rs. 120 thousand after insurance and road tax…

Though the car has shut all the critics mouth…but INDEPENDENT VIEWS has its own view about it….

TATA Nano is indeed a good car..we just to wait for the field trial as like before TATA’s petrol variants can’t be trusted..so I don’t think people will jump on the new car..without seeing how its engine behaving after the failure of Petrol modeled Indica..Since power steering is missing..it will not be that much easy to steer the car due to it’s low engine power which will increase the inertia…

But INDEPENDENT VIEWS is all conncerened about the current situation of energy crisis.. Inspite of it being quite a fuel efficient..launching it in the nearly same segment of two wheelers..will persuade more people to go towards Nano rather than going for two wheelers coz of present economic uplifting of society..which has brought the car in every one’s purchase range. .. More the car..more will be the petrol expenditure..and sooner we will go towards depletion of our resources..with an estimate of TATA’s production capacity of 2-3 lac..it will speed up the depletion by at least 5 years in India..and present energy crisis …US nuclear deal..and stalling of Indo-Iran pipeline..will just aggravate the seriousness..

But the situation is worsened with the announcement of Maruti Suzuki..that by the end of this year ..their 660 cc will be on the road…then it will be a competition..but number of car sale will go up coz the sale will not be limited to TATA only ..but Maruti will also be able to play a role in Demand-Supply chain..and it will make the situation more serious..

INDEPENDENT VIEWS is predicting that by 2011.. it will be a serious problem..not only for environment and as traffic congestion..but will hav serious implication as a political and economic fallout..as India harbors a billion people i.e. 1/6 of the world’s population..and handing dem a low cost ..fuel consumer.. will have serious implications towards oil depletion and soaring of petrol prices..and I am damn sure that government is not currently equipped to face a energy crisis and this will only increase the common man’s problem to maintain his own budget in that situation coz India is way behind in renewable resources..and it will pass it’s burden on to the shoulders of common man…


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