Gangster Never Fails! – Ayan Review


1. Ayan: An all out action movie. 

2. Story: Nothing new about it. Told, untold and re-told, but the difference is in its treatment. A youngster’s 



adventures in a smuggling world.

3.Script: Good, but it could have been better.

4. Music: Good, with special feel. Honey Horny….Money Mourny…….Waw!! (Lol!)

5. Choreography: Excellent work with use of Contrasting colours, excellent landscapes and innovative approach. 

6.Surya: Superb! Watch the movie for him.

7. Tamanna: Good. She got a Madhuri Dixit (not at acting) look in many shots. If ever some direct

or wants a younger Madhuri in some future movie, Tamanna can be a good choice.

8. Prabhu: Did his role quite well.

9. Villain: Good, with the special look and never die attitude.

10. The Director: Did a very good job.

11. Cinematography: Top Class. I miss words to describe it.

12. Editing: Super-sharp and good.

13. Plus points of the film: Surya, action,Cinematography, Choreography and overall feel. 

14. Romance : Yes.

15. Comedy : Not much.

16. Major Minus : The film glorified smuggling, if not drugs. It is sad that a film didn’t criticized the piracy of movie even.

17. The moment you laugh: A head injured Surya fly to Africa and all the injuries and marks are disappeared and fight with many.

18. Best action scene: Fight in the beginning when Surya chases the diamonds.

19. Message: Nil.

20: Overall: The movie is very very good action movie worth a watch.

21. Climax :Climax ? Catch me If u Can !. though not bad
22. Box Office fate: Have potential to become a Super hit.

Surya, Action, Cinematography, Choreography, Music
Lack of soul or message in the film



One Response to Gangster Never Fails! – Ayan Review

  1. Anu says:


    Thanks for your comments on my blog My Scrawls 🙂
    Good review! Liked ur way of reviewing every aspect of a film!

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